Friday, February 14, 2014

Review: Nailed It by Espionage Cosmetics UPDATE

 I saw a post on Fashionably Geek back in August promoting Espionage Cosmetics' Nailed It! Kickstarter campaign, and of course I needed to invest in these. As you can probably guess, I pledged a large(ish) sum, and it was totally worth it!

 I finally got them in the mail yesterday. They had a couple of production issues, some of which had to do with the sheer number they needed, and they were delayed about 2 months. I ended up with 32 packages of the Nailed It! wraps. Backers were given the option to purchase additional wraps at a reduced price after the closing date and I added 10 additional designs to my order. They have a large variety of designs, and hit almost every major fanbase. Some of my favorite designs are inspired by: Doctor Who (obviously), Spiderman, Harley Quinn, Firefly and Tim Burton.

Now on to the review. Here I am wearing the "Burtonesque" nail wraps.


These nail wraps are applied the same way all other nail wraps are applied. They come on a sheet of 14, with a plastic cover. Peeling these off was a bit harder than anything I've ever used before because the individual wraps don't separate from each other. Other than that they are a dream. They are quite a bit thicker the other nail wraps I've used, which is a good thing in my opinion. The thickness of the wraps keeps them from curling too much once they are removed from the paper backing, which makes it easier to line the nail wraps up straight on your nail. The sizes of the wraps weren't perfect for most of my nails, but I used a cuticle cutter to trim off the excess on the edges. Again the thickness of the wrap really helped to keep a nice crisp line when being trimmed.

Applying them was very smooth. I didn't get any wrinkles or bumps and they filed off very evenly. Unlike any other nail wrap, the directions suggest you add a top coat over the top and tips of the wraps.


I've had them on for almost a whole day and there isn't any  lifting near the cuticles or the sides, even on the nails where I placed them a bit too close to the cuticle. There aren't any chips or cracks. They are wearing really really well. I have never used a nail wrap that didn't lift along the cuticles, so I'm really pleased with these.

Espionage Cosmetics will have these available for sale sometime this Summer, or you can head to their booth at one of the many conventions they will be at. I'd highly recommend checking them out.

UPDATE: After 1 week of wear

As you can see they wear pretty well. My thumbs took the most damage, only to the tips really. Which to make these last longer, as they suggest on the packaging, you can take a matching polish and create French tips. I did't do this because as you can see, my pointer finger is left out of this picture. This is because two days after I put these on my entire nail ripped clean off. It was upsetting. You can see in the picture below it is much shorter than the rest of my nails.

This is after I took the stickers off. On the packaging it says you can just peel them off and don't have to use any polish remover. This isn't exactly true. I peeled them off and they mostly left a really horrid gummy residue on my nails which I had to use nail polish remover to get off. I tried several soaps and a scrubber brush before trying the nail polish remover. In the places the glue came off with the sticker, it damaged my nails quite a bit.

Overall they are really lovely and I definitely will use them again. They last far longer than any other "instant nails" I've tried and come in really fabulously nerdy designs. They will be available this summer (supposedly) at Espionage Cosmetics

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