Wednesday, September 11, 2013

UK Makeup Haul: Barry M

Barry M was at the top of my makeup haul list. I've been eyeing their Gelly line for a while now and I was super stoked to try them out. The first one I bought waw Guava, which I got literally two hours after I arrived. Our first stop was the Trafford Centre while we waited to check into our B&B. I wore Guava first and  it lasted amazingly. I got a full week out of it with no chips. So of course I had to get more...Its a problem. Next I got Blue Grape, because it's the perfect royal blue with no glitter, which is incredibly hard to find for some reason. As well as Pomegranate, a redish pink and Ruby Glitter, black with large red hex glitter. 

Pomegranate (it's a bit pinker than this picture)
Blue Grape

Ruby Glitter

And because I wanted to do Doctor Who nails for my visit to Cardiff, I got the Barry M Nail Art Pen. I had to do about 3 coats of the white to make it completely opaque, but it was really easy to use and didn't dent my polish, which is usually a problem for me. I got the white and black pens.

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