Wednesday, August 21, 2013

UK Makeup Haul: Sleek

While I was in England I made a point to visit Superdrug and Boots and pick up some makeup I had a hard time finding at home. Superdrug carries Sleek, which you can order online (which I didn't know till recently) but to avoid shipping, I waited till my vacation to stock up. I was super excited to pick these bad boys up, but...I haven't really used them yet. Most of the vacation we were out and I didn't have time to do any involved makeup looks, but now that I'm home I'm going to try to experiment with them.
 i-Candy Palette 871

 Au Natural Palette 601

Snapshots Palette 732

Ultra Mattes V1 Palette 730

 Blush by 3 in Pink Sprint 366

Blush in Pomegranate 923
(It's quite a bit redder than it looks here)

Blush in Rose Gold 926

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