Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Nails: A Nightmare in Silver

The season finale of Doctor Who is tomorrow night, and I figured I should drown my sorrows in a cute nail design. I absolutely LOVED last week's episode A Nightmare in Silver, written by Neil Gaiman. Matt Smith was absolutely fantastic! This is now my second favorite episode (the first is The Doctor's Wife, also written by Gaiman). I already re-watched it twice...I know, I know, my geek is showing.

I was drawn to the cyber-accessory they put on Matt Smith. It was so streamlined and beautiful, like the evolved Cybermen. That was the main inspiration for this design. I picked out several elements from the cyber-accessory for the main design. (Above is the image I used for reference)

What I used:
Duri Rejuvacote (base)
Zoya in Kennedy
Forever 21 in Silver Coating/ Grey/Silver
Finger Paints in Sparkling Snow
Blick Academic Round 1 Acrylic Brush
Jacquard Textile Color in Black
Kiss Nail Glue
Nail Pearls

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