Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekly Nails: Doctor Who: The Silence Will Fall

The Silence are one of my favorite enemies of the Doctor. I love how they erase themselves, its just a cool idea. I also love how the design of the characters was inspired by the Munch's The Scream. I saw this pin on Pinterest. I liked the idea, but I had to add my own little twist.

One thing I have to say is, lining up your middle finger and your thumb is quite hard. I knew that going into this design, but I wanted the head to be a bit bigger, so I went ahead and used my middle fingernail for it.  I also really love how the french manicure turned out. I'm really really pleased with how this design turned out.

What I used:
All nails:
OPI Nail Envy (base)
Seche Vite (topcoat)

French Manicure Nails:
China Glaze in Inner Beauty
Orly French Tips in White Tips
StripeRite in White and Black

China Glaze in Inner Beauty
Forever 21 in Bolt Blue
OPI in You Don't Know Jaques!
StripeRite in Black

Orly French Tips in White Tips
Orly in Liquid Vinyl
StripeRite in Black

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