Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Nails: Two Blue Nail Polishes

I am currently on the hunt for a new solid blue nail polish. Ideally a dupe for the Forever 21 polish I used last week for part of my Doctor Who logo. The one I have now is the consistency of glue and about a quarter of the bottle left. It is the perfect blue. It is surprisingly hard to find a blue that isn't glitter or shimmery. I thought I found the perfect one, Esse's Butler Please, but I absolutely hate it. It goes on super thick, its semi-matte cream formula (which wasn't in the seller's description), and it chipped super easily. I'm not a huge fan of Esse in general, so I wasn't shocked that I didn't like this polish. They are really hit or miss for me. But it was a major bummer because the color is really lovely.

This week wasn't a complete loss because I found out you can order the Forever 21 nail polish off of their website, which is super exciting. I ordered eight blue nail polishes from them....hopefully one of them is the same as the one I already have. They should arrive before Friday of next week, so hopefully I'll have some swatches and a new Doctor Who design for you next week.

This is Esse's Butler Please. I put a top coat on in stripes and polka-dots but it didn't really look to great. I took this off after only one day, mostly because about half of my nails had chipped off by then.

The rest of the week I had this on, sticking with my Blue theme. As a base I had an Urban Outfitter's polish in Blue-Tie, which is a almost black navy, and over the top I used OPI's Austin-Tatious Turquoise. I quickly put it on, so I'd have something on for work, but I really love this combination. It lasted very well too. No chips till day 5. I also got quite a few compliments on this as well. This will definitely be one of my "OMG I need something quick" combos.

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