Friday, January 18, 2013

Forever 21 Nail Polish Haul

I found out two weeks ago that you could order Forever 21 nail polish from their website, I found this out while I was on a hunt for a dupe to one of their old blue polishes. My little sister had given me this blue polish from about two years ago, that she only used once, and it quickly became my absolute favorite blue polish. Its a solid true blue, no glitter, sparkles, shimmer...nothing. I love it. Since Forever 21 rarely has the same items two weeks in a row, I didn't even bother checking to see if they still had it. However after several unfortunate hunts, I tried their website. They have SO many colors! And each polish is only $2.80. I love the Forever 21 polish, its mostly surprisingly good quality. Every once in awhile some of their formulas are a bit thin, but for under $3, its not really a big risk.

As it turns out, they do still have the exact same blue color (old on the left, new on the right). The thing is, if you have a polish from the store, the name on the label isn't the same as the color listed on the website. It is really quite irritating, however I put little stickies on the top with the website names so I can reorder them if I want.

Alrighty these are with three coats of polish and a topcoat. And please pardon the sad state my cuticles are in. Its been a rough couple of weeks for them.  Names from left to right (website name/store name):

Night Sky/Dark Blue
Blue Bolt/Blue (Favorite!)
Surf Blue/Blue
Cobalt/Bright Cobalt

The Cobalt Blue and Surf Blue had a really great formula. I really only needed two coats to get a complete coverage. The Blue Bolt which was the repurchase had a thinner formula than before. It definitely needed the three coats. It's still my favorite blue though. Night Sky had a really nice formula too, especially for a glitter polish.

Shimmering Navy/Navy
Silver Coating/Grey-Silver
Silver Sparkle/Sliver
Tinsel Party/Purple-Multi

Shimmering Navy was fantastic. With only one coat it was incredibly opaque. This barely needed two coats. The shimmer in it is really pretty too, it's got a tiny bit of silver shimmer in with the blue. I was unimpressed with Silver Coating. It is a nice color, but it came out too streaky. Silver Sparkle is nice. It has a great glitter to polish ratio. And finally Tinsel Party, this is really cool too. Again it has a great glitter to polish ratio, with just the three coats its almost opaque. It will look gorgeous over black.

Overall I'm extremely happy with this purchase. Including shipping it was about $35, which is a steal for eight bottles of nail polish. I highly recommend you check this out if you need good, cheap nail polish. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite Forever 21 polish!

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