Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Harry James Potter!

Celebrating Harry's birthday.

If I can get my act together, I'll post a Harry nail design.

Friday, July 27, 2012


I have had this song (1:33) stuck in my head for almost a week. It got to the point where I went online and look it up so I could at least know all the words!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Simple Slytherin Nails

So I finally joined Pottermore, which if you haven't heard, you clearly aren't an avid Potter fan. It took me this long to join because I was so utterly annoyed at the hype they had for this. When J.K. Rowling put out the video, I thought it was for a new book, and I was incredibly disappointed to find out it was a website.

However that being said, Pottermore is awesome! I love all the additional info she's given to us. So on Pottermore, you get to go through the books visually, and in the first one you get sorted, which is permanent. So once your sorted thats it. I got sorted into Slytherin, and so for Leaky Con (which is in Chicago this year, so I will be attending one day!) I'm wearing a Slytherin uniform. I decided to get into it early and try out a couple of designs to see which I should wear for Leaky Con.

This is my first go, its quite simple, based on the ties worn in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (and the next 3 films). Out of the Harry Potter books, the Order of the Phoenix is my favorite, just in case you were wondering.

 This is the wand I got from Alivans. I did a post about it here. The background is actually a box that my Griffidor house scarf came in, its a Madame Malkin's box. I got it as a birthday present, its from Noble Collections. I kinda love the little details like that.

What I used:

Seche Vite base coat
Zoya Suvi (3 coats because it was such a thin formula, which is weird for Zoya)
StripeRite in Silver
Seche Vite top coat

Friday, July 20, 2012

Spiderman 'french manicure'

Another design in my Spiderman kick.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman Nails 2

So the last post I did, the spiderman nails, I wasn't super happy with how they turned out. The lines were too thick and it wasn't up to my usual standards. So this is my second go at it, same design, different technique.

 So instead of free handing the spider I used paint tape to cut out a guide.
 I also didn't add the webbing on the middle finger, so the spider stood out more.
I also tried to follow the design of the new suit more accurately.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman Nails

I'm super excited to see the new Spider-man movie and so I currently have Spider-man inspired nails.

I'm not super impressed with how they came out. I'm going to try doing the web details with a nail art pen next. I used StripeRite in black this time and the lines are just too thick for me.