Friday, October 22, 2010

Making Shoes!!!!

So I'm in a shoe design class...and I'm currently making a shoe! Its so cool, I absolutely love the class! This is my first shoe so its been interesting to do, right now I'm putting the glitter on it!
 So this is when I was prelasting my upper (which is basically preforming the leather before you glue it down). This is definitely my favorite part so far. I think its because now it actually looks like a real shoe...not a crazy hot mess like before.
 This is the bottom, you have to tack it down till the leather dries.
 So right now I'm adding my glitter. I'm doing the black first so I don't get black glitter all over the white glitter. I'm glad I chose glitter because its going to hide all the places I messed up the stitching lolz...

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