Friday, July 2, 2010


So I'm in Orlando FL for the North American Irish Dance Championships.

My younger sister is competing in the U17 competition.
*sorry about the limited images, I forgot the cord to connect my camera to the computer, so these are only from my phone. Better pictures will be posted when I get home :)

We are staying in the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel. This is the view from our balcony
Its been really overcast the whole time. Its actually kind of nice though, it hasn't rained much luckily. So today we went to Disney Downtown with some dancer friends. It was really nice out because it wasn't too sunny.

I did some major shopping. I got this amazing ring from the World of Disney. It says 'Off with his head'. I love 'Alice in Wonderland' so this was an absolute perfect purchase for me!

Then at the TrenD shop I found this hilarious 'Alice in Wonderland' themed book called 'All Things Alice'. Its got all kinds of 'Alice in Wonderland' quotes as well as all things 'Alice' related. Its really cool. It's very coffee table bookish

I spotted a little pearl stand by where we were going to eat, and I LOVE pearls. They are my absolute favorite kind of jewelry. I think they're stunning. I haven't ever owned real pearls before, so I was excited to find this shop. I ended up buying this gorgeous earring and necklace set. I used the money my mom gave me for my birthday so....its like a belated birthday gift. My mom was really happy because she wanted to get me some jewelry for my 21st birthday, but she didn't find anything good. I'm all set in the jewelry section now :)

I'll be posting more every day! Enjoy!

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