Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Movie Find

I was watching TBS recently and the gymnastics movie 'Stick It' was on. I love to watch gymnastics during the Olympics (the only time I can find it on TV) so I watched it. It is actually a really good fluff movie. And by fluff I mean...I have nothing else to watch and I'm bored, lets watch this. Its not a super deep movie obviously, but if you like to watch gymnastics then its a good movie for you.

Another bonus is the lead actress Missy Peregrym. She reminds me of Kristen Stewert...but far more athletic...and hotter :P

Display_image   Display_image

If you like any of these moives/shows you will probably like 'Stick It': 

             Bend It Like Beckham                                   She's the Man                       

                        Bring It On                           Make It or Break It: Volume One

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