Monday, May 3, 2010

Kindergarten Projects

Today I went with my mom to school and helped out with some big projects. Since Mother's Day is this weekend the kids were making projects to give as gifts to their moms. They made gift bags, cards and pins.

So first the kids made bags to put their gifts in. 

Then the kids made melty pins. They took beads and put them into tiny clear plastic cups and then we put them in a toaster oven to watch them melt.

They turned out really great. I remember making this in my kindergarten class.

Then the kids made their cards. On the inside they say "You are my cup of tea" and on the front they have tea cups glued on only around the bottom so they can put tea bags in the cup to give to their moms.

They're so cute. They have 'steamy hearts' ahah. 

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Laurahowells said...

Thank you! I have been trying to remember how to do this for 2 years now!!!!