Friday, April 23, 2010


I applied for an internship for the summer and I had to submit a portfolio of my work. These are some pictures of what I submitted. I used the kit 'Books by Hand Albums' 11x9 and just altered the directions as needed. The red book ended up being 10.75x8in the pages were 8x8. This book was about 31pages (front and back). I used Adobe InDesign to format the pages. The font on the covers was 'Antique Olive Light' and the pages (for numbers and text) I used 'Helvetica'. All the illustrations were done by me. The paper on the cover is super soft and really gorgeous actually, I got the red at Dick Blicks in 2007ish and finally ended up using it. Happily they still have the same paper, called Lama Lokta Papers (found in the decorative paper section), and I got 'True Blue' for the animation portfolio (the red used is called 'Garnet'). To print on the Lama Lokta paper, you have to glue it to a piece of regular printer paper first, because otherwise the Lama Lokta paper jams the machine. I used a generic PVC glue to do that. For the DVD envelopes I just picked out the prettiest ones I could find at Blick.

This  book was 10.75x10.5 the pages were 10.5x8in. This book was considerably thinner because all I needed to submit was my demo reel.

Update: I did not get the I have to figure out what I'm going to do with my life.

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