Friday, March 26, 2010

Illamasqua Lashes Sale!

For a limited time Illamasqua has 25% off their ENTIRE selection of lashes! They have 22 (2 types are already sold out) different lashes to choose from. I own No. 16 and the Limited Edition Birthday lashes in silver and they are amazing quality. I recommend purchasing 'DUO Lash adhesive' (which has latex in it, so you should check if you're allergic before applying it to your eyes) which you can purchase at MAC, because it is the best I've found so far. They ship pretty much anywhere, so you can order online even if they aren't available in your country. They also have a list of all shops, so you can check if there is a shop near you! Let me know if you guys get any and how they work for you!

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