Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jack Strify~ Viva La Wonderland Soon!!!

Viva La Wonderland is coming up soon and Jack Strify has been writing about it on his blog. He was kind enough to share with us this gorgeous photo of himself, decked out in his take of the 'Mad Hatter' costume.  As per usual he is stunning.  If you are lucky enough to be able to attend, and have a song you would like to request, head over to his BLOG and leave him a comment. I'm sure he's looking forward to seeing some of his fans again!  The show is on the 3rd of April, in Moscow at the Tochka Club.

Hatter M Graphic Novel

So as I was in the library I saw this graphic novel, that was so obviously based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, and since I'm a huge fan of it, I started to read this graphic novel. The book takes the concept of Alice and flips it on it's head. The character of the Mad Hatter in this book is 'Hatter M' the White Queen's bodyguard and protector of 'white imagination' (as opposed to black imagination, which the Red Queen wants). Alyss is the White Queen's daughter and when the Red Queen's evil army attacks the White Palace, the White Queen is killed and Hatter M is forced to escape to reality with Alyss. The novel begins when Hatter M realizes he lost Alyss on the way over to 'reality' and is now in search of her.

I only got half way through the first volume before I got bored of the writing. The artwork is nice, but not some of my favorite. Its very obviously created in Adobe Photoshop. I just think this graphic novel is not up to par, there have been so many takes on 'Alice in Wonderland' and there have been much better ones than this 'Hatter M' series.

If anyone wants to read a really fantastic 'Alice in Wonderland' based graphic novel, read Wonderland 
its written by Tommy Kovac and illustrated by Sonny Liew.  The way its illustrated is absolutely brilliant. I love the way they exaggerate the characters.  It's a clever take based on a character that we actually never see in either the novel or  in any of the the movies. In the book (and movie) the White Rabbit mistakes Alice for his maid Mary-Anne. This graphic novel's main character is Mary-Anne, and it starts up right after Alice left wonderland. I absolutely love this story!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hotspur Inspired Nails

Hotspur is playing a show at the Beat Kitchen this upcoming Sunday March 28th at 3pm. So I decided to do some Hotspur inspired nails....since I'm going to the show :) I was inspired by their album cover 'You Should Know Better By Now'

Monarch Butterfly Nails

This is a contest entry...which I will be uploading to Youtube soonish. Just a preview below

Heart Nails

All my real nails and my design.

What I used:

OPI Nail Envy~base
OPI Alpine snow
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black~heart and swirls
SoEasy Stripe Rite Silver~swirls
OPI Top Coat

Illamasqua Lashes Sale!

For a limited time Illamasqua has 25% off their ENTIRE selection of lashes! They have 22 (2 types are already sold out) different lashes to choose from. I own No. 16 and the Limited Edition Birthday lashes in silver and they are amazing quality. I recommend purchasing 'DUO Lash adhesive' (which has latex in it, so you should check if you're allergic before applying it to your eyes) which you can purchase at MAC, because it is the best I've found so far. They ship pretty much anywhere, so you can order online even if they aren't available in your country. They also have a list of all shops, so you can check if there is a shop near you! Let me know if you guys get any and how they work for you!

Camille Rose Garcia

Camille Rose Garcia. Pharmaceuticool. 2003. Giclee prints on archival watercolor paper.
Camille Rose Garcia. Pharmaceuticool. 2003. Giclee prints on archival watercolor paper.

Most of her work is acrylic and glitter on wood. (The two paintings above are)

Short bio (Via the Official Camille Rose Garcia website):

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Color Burst~Eye maakeup tutorial (by a Tokio Hotel Fan ❤)

This look is absolutely amazing! I love it!

Head over to her Youtube channel for more amazing tutorials and inspiration

And for the Tokio Hotel Fans:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is an absolutely incredible silhouette animation.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My new hair!

I used Manic Panic bleach & Ultra Violet dye.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tokio Hotel Trailer 'Alice in Wonderland' Interview

Translation by bebe8888 @ THus
Tokio Hotel Interview – "Alice in Wonderland"

Tokio Hotel is the only band, from the German-speaking countries, on the „Almost Alice” album, which realised at the same time as the new movie hit „Alice in Wonderland” from the master director, Tim Burton. In addition, the song „Strange”, which Tokio Hotel recorded with Kerli, „Almost Alice” contains 15 other songs inspired by Lewis Caroll. We made an interview with the guys.

Trailer How did you get the idea to work on „Strange” with Kerli and how was to contribute with a song for a film like „Alice in Wonderland” is to ever come to pass?

Hotspur 'Heads/Tails' Music Video!!!

Official Music Video for "Heads/Tails," the 2nd single off of "You Should Know Better By Now." Directed by Josh Eisenberg.

Head over to their myspace for more info!!!

Story of my life this morning....Machines that Lie

Seriously the story of my life...hilariously explained by Eddie Izzard at 3:50

At 2:51 is my absolute favorite line Eddie Izzard ever says.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

25th Film Independent Spirit Awards

Hosted by Eddie Izzard!

It will be broadcast live HERE on March 5th at 5 PT!

I'm definitely only watching because Eddie is hosting ♥