Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nails~ Queen Of Hearts

So in preparation for Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' I'm going to be doing Alice-themed nails till the movie comes out. Yes that mean's no Valentines Day nails...because as some of you may have noticed I'm now single, therefore bitter about Valentines Day. If you really want some cute v-day nail tutorials or ideas just leave me a comment below and I can send you to some amazing sites for that.

These are my first attempts at the Queen of Hearts nails. I'll be doing some more intense designs but for now here is a simple super cute way to 'Wonderland-ize' your nails.

Natural Light
Indoor Light
I left this in because you can really see the sparkles in this one

So for this design I used:
Base: Milani~Spellbinding (I'm almost sure you can still get this at any CVS, Walmart...)
Design: SoEasy Stripe Rite~ Red (#0904) You can get these at Sally's

The Milani's is a really thin formula so I ended up having to do 5 coats to get a really nice deep color. I would suggest using black as the base coat and then going over with 2 coats of Spellbinding. It lasted really well though, I took this picture after 6 days with it on and it only wore off on the tips a bit, it only chipped in 2 places on my right hand, which was really great.

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