Tuesday, February 2, 2010

'Lie to me*' & Paul Ekman

'Lie to me*'  is a show on Fox, on Hulu you can see five of the most recent episodes from season 2 on Hulu. I'm totally obsessed with "human lie detectors" so this show is one of my favorites right now.
The show is based on Paul Ekman's'basic research on emotion and its expression, as well as deceit. Ekman has 15 published books and I'm currently in the process of purchasing 'Telling Lies' and 'Emotions Revealed' (hopefully Amazon won't lie to me and I'll actually get the books February 8th).

On the 'Lie to me*' page on Fox.com they have this really amausing forum (? I guess you would call it) where you (anonymously) post your own worst lies.
They then re-post the best 'Worst lies'. I spent like an hour today reading through them. They update the page regularly so there are new 'worst lies' every day.

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