Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hotspur: Guitar International 'You Should Know Better By Now' Album Review

Hotspur You Should Know Better by Now Album Review

By: Dr. Matt Warnock
In a world where anybody with laptop, an old Casio keyboard and a MySpace page can release an album and call themselves an Indie band, it’s harder then ever for real-deal bands to distinguish themselves in the world of pop-rock. While some groups are resorting to gimmicks or lavish marketing strategies to separate themselves from the over-crowded rock scene, other bands are focusing on the basics by writing meaningful lyrics, contagious musical hooks and digging in on tight grooves. Maryland based Hotspur is firmly rooted in the second category of new wave, power-pop bands, and their album You Should Know Better by Now is one of the strongest sophomore releases of the new millennium.
Most reviews of a bands second album talk about how the musicians are growing, how they have a good start but need some work, but none of the normal verbiage applies to Hotspur. The record’s thirteen songs are penned with a level of thought and contemplation that can only be described as compositional.
Each song is a chapter in a book, not just a single to be thrown at the charts. Songs blend into one another with ease, sometimes literally as in the case of “$$$” and “Atlantic” where the transition between the two tracks is so smooth that without a visual reference one would think they were two halves of one long song. Paying close attention to the overall sound of an album, and to the intricate details needed to write solid, memorable songs, Hotspur has immediately set themselves apart from their musical peers, a rare occurrence in today’s highly imitative music scene, where trendsetters are few and far between.
Don’t get me wrong, You Should Know Better by Now is not overly cerebral, it’s a fun and enjoyable album that will appeal to people who want to sit down and immerse themselves in the music, as well as those of us who just want a great album to blast on a long road trip. Therein lies the strength of Hotspur’s songwriting, it’s dexterous, multi-dimensional and thoroughly entertaining all at the same time. Writing music that has a mass appeal, but that doesn’t sacrifice musicianship or taste for the sake of a larger market, is something that many established bands never achieve during the course of their careers, let alone bands that are releasing their second record.
After releasing such a strong follow-up to their acclaimed debut record, the future is wide open for these five East-Coast rockers. With a mature songwriting style, a knack for finding the right musical and lyrical hook and an exciting live show, Hotspur is well prepared to take the world’s stages by storm.
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Wow what a great review! Everyone should go out and purchase this album! I already did :)

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