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The Riches (featuring Eddie Izzard)

Totally been obsessed with this show recently:

an interview with Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver (from March 2008)

Hi Gasmii, season two of The Riches starts tonight, March 18th at 10PM PT/ET on FX, and I had the opportunity to catch up with Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard talking about this upcoming season. Enjoy!
Nads: Since your season was cut short due to the strike, did that mess up this upcoming season??
Eddie: Well, obviously, it's seven episodes because of the strike. I think the writers were obviously aware of this beforehand, and so we built a sort of cliffhanger halfway through the season. So it really didn't hurt us in any way. I think they're seven very strong episodes. The first season, if you watched it all the way through the tone does move around somewhat. The second season, we just sort of knew where we were going, we locked down, we got on the railway lines, and we just went full steam ahead. So I think it makes it like a tighter punch, and we're coming out now. It's a great time to come out, because there's a lot of stuff normally out on television, not all of it is back on television. So we're very happy to come out, do seven, and give it a big smack in the face.
Minnie: Yes, I agree with that. It's true. Everybody got hammered by the strike. And whilst we all support the writers, I would have loved to have done a full season. I don't think the show suffered. I think it's going to leave the audience wanting more, which is a really good way to end a season at all, and the addition of Jared Harris to our cast I think has added a kind of weight and a danger that's really fantastic.
Nads: What's going to be the tone of Season 2??
Eddie: It's somewhat darker. Some of the episodes in the first season were slightly funnier, and they're not, the funny comes out at very dry and bizarre circumstances in this season. It's a drama with some quirky things going on in it. It's just very sure and it's dark and compelling, and it's a train ride. So, yes, I loved that, and I think Minnie did as well.
Nads: Since your season was cut so short, will there be a Season 3 quickly following?
Eddie: That's an FX kind of question really.
Minnie: Yes.
Eddie: The network have their decisions based upon, they talk to the Oracle in Greece, and ...
Minnie: Turkey, ...
Eddie: Yes.
Minnie: ... we might get picked up, we might not.
Eddie: John Landgraf is very passionate about this, and so we're very happy to be at FX. But they've obviously got things to bear in mind, but from our point of view we're going on.
Minnie: Abso-bloody-lutely. I mean, if it were just up to us and Dmitry Lipkin we'd be working every day of the year.
Nads: How will the relationship between Wayne and Dahlia evolve in Season 2?
Eddie: Well at the moment it's heading towards a sort of train wreck, and we won't wreck the train. I've always thought that their ambition is similar, because they're quite different people, but they've got this ambition thing. They kind of want it all and in different ways. And I think that's going to keep them together, and there's a love that's underneath it. They're both lost children as well, so that ...
Minnie: Yes, yes very much. They've been so much a unit and suddenly they're getting a taste of what it is to be, to exist separate from this nucleus. And whilst that's obviously an integral part of being a human being, it is definitely what they discover about each other stuff to tear them apart. So it's kind of interesting. It's like they're choosing the individual over the whole in this season. They're choosing to kind of explore their own territory and believe that they are right, you know. What's that great thing about, I think it was my mom who said that great thing, she's like, "In a relationship, what do you want to do, do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?"
Eddie: I think we're trying to be right.
Minnie: And we're trying to be right, exactly.
Eddie: We're trying to be right at this point.
Nads: Eddie, let's talk comedy. I'm a huge fan of your stand-up. Are your comedy fans shocked by your character? Did they expect something when you came out with this series, and then like are they like "Wow, what's this character you're playing?" And, Do they always expect you to be funny?
Eddie: No, I don't think so. I mean, I've been training them --I did Broadway, and generally in some pieces or with television I've done in Britain I've been trying to do dramatic work. So even though my stand-up is kind of weird and surreal and this isn't that, I don't think they're surprised. I'm meeting people who said, "I saw The Riches and someone told me you did standup." I think everyone's sort of up to speed. I already put out that signal and so they knew about that.
Nads: That's great!!! And Minnie, you've done so many successful movies, how do you like working in television versus ... screen, is it faster or is it--?
Minnie: It's much faster, yes, my God, it is much, much faster. In a movie, you're lucky if you shoot a page a day, and we're shooting like eight pages a day. It's a very fast pace. I just love this character. I don't really care too much about the medium, I just want to really do good work, and she's the best part I've ever had. So I kind of set myself to whatever's going to accommodate me getting to act in the best that I can, and I love it. I absolutely love having a regular paycheck. I love going to work everyday. I love knowing when I can plan a vacation for the first time in my entire adult life. It's just ...
Nads: Are you doing this series for the love of the show or love of television?
Minnie: Maybe I'm just getting old, but I couldn't work as hard as I do, because it is eight times the work that a movie is, I couldn't do it if I didn't love this character in the show as much as I do, because it is so hard. I don't know how people that are stuck on TV shows that they have no respect for and they don't really like, ... it would be the end of the world. ...
Nads: Have you two ever worked together before or was this just a match made in heaven?
Eddie: We hadn't even met.

Nads: Really?
Eddie: Yes.

Nads: OMG, how did that happen?
Eddie: Oh, you know, in the end how people actually end up getting together and working together and having chemistry is really weird.
Minnie: It's so random, it's like the universe ... that we're in.
Eddie: Yes. Well we've got chemistry.
Nads: You guys have amazing energy.
Minnie: Thanks Nads!
Nads: What did you two do during the strike? Were you bored??
Eddie: We did knitting.
Minnie: ... crosswords.
Eddie: Yes, we just sat around the campfire. We all went to the travel camp ...
Minnie: We just sat around and played songs.
Eddie: ... Minnie can gig and I could gig.
Minnie: Yes.
Eddie: And then just generally hanging around loitering with intent.
Minnie: Exactly.
Eddie: It's a criminal thing, but ...
Minnie: Ed was doing his standup all over the world. I was doing my music ...
Eddie: I went to the city where I was born, which was happily my first time in 45 years.
Minnie: Wow.
Nads: Is there anyone you two would want to work with for season 3?
Eddie: I want Sean Connery to play a role.

..., yes, fantastic.
Eddie: Yes, ... but he's quite keen on decent money. Our money is kind of we'll pay you in breadsticks.
Minnie: I want Helen Mirren. I want Helen Mirren to be my half sister. Oh, God, I'd do anything to work with her.
Eddie: We're just going to go for a massive star casting and have everyone turn us down. It's just because we do pay in breadsticks and M&M's.
Minnie: We pay in Eddie's one-liners. ... for dinner and then you'll get.

And then say, "Hey, that looks like a pig."
I guess that wraps it up! Thank you Minnie and Eddie for taking the time out of your day. Check out The Riches tonight on FX at 10PM PT/ET.

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