Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hotspur Official Contest

Posted to the Official Hotspur Facebook page:

Hi Hotspur nation!

We are proud to announce that we have a brand new bangin' remix of our upcoming single, "Heads/Tails" (if you haven't heard the original yet check out our Myspace page).

We will be giving it away for FREE to anyone that writes a Facebook note reviewing their favorite Hotspur CD, show, or song. Just make sure to tag me in it so we know about it! (or reply to this note)

Grand Prize:
The 1 person that tags the most friends in their note, and the 1 person that writes the most well written/interesting/unique review will receive a video message from the band, a tshirt, and the entire Hotspur discography for free!

The deadline is one week from today, 1/10/2010, and to win the grand prize your note must consist of at least 200 words.

So in summary:

1. Write a Facebook note about your favorite Hotspur CD, show, or song between now and next Sunday 1/10/2010.

2. Tag all your friends that should know more about Hotspur (that would be everyone!).

3. Let us know that you've entered by replying to this note, or tagging me (Dave Trichter) in YOUR Facebook note so I know you've done it!

4. Receive an exclusive, unreleased remix of Heads/Tails no later than Monday, 1/11/2010...and maybe also a grand prize package.

5. Gloat to your friends.

Happy 2010!!!!
-The year of many Hotspur contests, prizes, freebies, and new music ;-)

I'll totally be entering this contest! Head over to HERE to enter and get more information about it! And if you haven't already join their Facebook page...and check out their Myspace page and head over HERE to listen to some of thier music.

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