Monday, December 14, 2009

Orpheus Dance Group Museum of Science and Industry Performance

Hey! As some of you know, I'm a Greek dance teacher for the Orpheus Dance group. My group of kids performed today at the Museum of Science and Industry's Holiday Around The World exhibit. They have performers doing shows from all over the world. There were Ukraine carolers and Scottish dancers that performed before us. We did so well today. I'm so happy with my kids!

Here is the entire dance group singing 'Saranta Meres – Saranta Nihtes' Carols from Thraki

Thats me chilling on the side hoping the kids are loud enough while they sing

This is the first dance, called Koftos from Epiros

These are the kids introducing the second dance, Yannis o Beratianos from Lefkada. They show where the dance is from on the map, while the kids in the back try to figure out what line they go in.

Awe....look at how cute the boys look. Not exactly doing what we told them to do, but still cute.

The girls starting Yannis o Beratianos.

Me below the stage trying to get the girls to stand correctly between each dance.

The kids dancing Zonaradikos from Thraki. They all got the basket weave hand hold correct. I'm so happy about that!

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