Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tokio Hotel Wetten Das~ 'Bill' Tattoo

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Betting Shrill Tokio Hotel fan on, dass ..?
Michelle (16) shows the whole of Germany her Bill-Po-Tattoo
By Katrin Loehr

Michelle Hunziker (32) first appearance on "Wetten, dass ...?" Had been eagerly awaited. At the end of her stealing the show almost a different Michelle ...

Tokio Hotel on the couch with Thomas Gottschalk (59). Deafening shrieks in the audience. One shouts the loudest: The 16-year-old Michelle (16) - called Chelly - in Bamberg. Wildly waving a yellow piece of cardboard. Inscription: "Chelly wants to show their bill butt!"

They could then also. Pants half down, she showed throughout her right buttock TV Germany with the name of their beloved stars tattooed on it. As even got the usually cool Bill Kaulitz (20) red ears.

"It is madness that I really was able to show my tattoo, Bill," says the student after the program. Actually, she had a star want to stick to the right bar - just as Bill who wears it - but because the father was against it. The "Bill" tattoo on the backside he was okay.

Even during the show, congratulating the parents their daughter to the successful appearance.

Now that she knows half the nation, Michelle does not interfere. With her looks she is accustomed to notice: "Some find me cool, others ridiculous. I do not care. I'm just happy. "

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