Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tokio Hotel RTL's 100% Tokio Hotel Documentary Preview

Check out the translation below, and see the video on RTL’s site

In their early years, Tokio Hotel have seen more than other people see in their whole lives. They’ve been in the spotlight since they were fifteen; their poses always distant and very cool. The twins are 20, now, and surprisingly thoughtful and grown up are their words when they speak of their beginnings as popstars.

Tom: We did a lot of stupid shit. Everyone was just hanging around, smoking pot, drinking alcohol, and stuff like that. Everyone was just hanging and getting stoned with something.

Bill: I think drugs and alcohol were… you never think about that, but there’s hardly anyone who’s never tried anything.

The twins never missed anything on celeb parties, from the beginning. Accordingly, the news reports followed, soon.

Tom: That was the time where I thought, “Hey, great! I’m a rock star and will totally take advantage of that!”

Bill: Then there were the first negative reactions, and there was talk about our lives and our age, alcohol and parties. That was the first time I realized, “Oh, there’s this side to it, too. How do you explain that to your granddad?”

Tom: You go to a family gathering, and there are headlines, “He drinks the strong stuff, and takes all kinds of girls to his room…”

Bill: Tom had quite the notches on his bedpost with girls.

Tom: I had a different girl in my room, every day.

But it never got serious when it came to love. On “100% Tokio Hotel” a thoughtful Bill explains why.

Bill: If I would really fall in love, and even that would be like winning the lottery in my situation… then I could never… build up a relationship without someone noticing, I would have to… tell someone… and uhm… and that… that girl would probably be brought to my room or something.

That clearly shows the price that Tokio Hotel pay for their success.

Bill: We have a house with a garden, and there is a high fence, and you can’t see further than to the fence. And we drive around with cars that have dark windows and… uhm… yeah. You can’t get out.

Today, their album Humanoid is being released, and their freedom won’t grow, any time, soon. But at least they deal with that problem differently, today. Maybe more grown up.

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