Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tokio Hotel Bill's Bling Belt on Wetten Dass

Dortmund Goldsmith manufactured belt for Bill Kaulitz (translation by google with a few fixes)
By Sybille Warnking
DORTMUND Bill Kaulitz (21), singer of the band “Tokio Hotel”, is known for his flamboyant fashion style. Betting at the show “Wetten, dass ..” he recently wore a black patent leather belt.

For 14 days, Reinhold Willeke worked on the handmade belt for Bill Kaulitz in his studio “The Goldsmiths”.

An exceptional piece, and not from the fashion capitals of Milan, London or Paris, but hand-made by a goldsmith from Dortmund, as reported by the radio station 91.2. At his appearance in the show “Wetten, dass ..” on Saturday, the 21-year-old wore the black patent leather belt, on which were covered not only his initials “BK”, but also the name of the new album. Reinhold Willeke, a goldsmith for 40 years, sat excitedly in front of the TV. “Of course I wanted to know if he wears it,” reports the company established in Wambel master.

Bill Kaulitz is very demanding
14 days, he has worked on the belt. A commissioned work for the company “Wildcat”, the promotional products in the accessory range for the band produces. “The Bill Kaulitz was a massive, high-quality belt of silver. We then made some proposals,” says Martin Siedler, managing director of “Wildcat” who also participated in the design.

The result is a sturdy buckle, which shows the initials of the singer. Eight cm tall and twelve cm wide. (approx 3 inches by 5 inches) The belt says “Humanoid” to the name and appeared on “Wetten, dass ..” .

The belt was well-made
Buckle and letters are made of 925 sterling silver. “The belt then Bill Kaulitz likes a lot,” says Martin Siedler. And Reinold Willeke? If a designated short and tight but also quite triumphant “yes” when he saw his belt on the waistband of the Teen-swarm. Reinhold Willeke talks. (video link below)

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