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Rupert Grint~ Wizard of Real Estate!

Rupert Grint, Wizard of Real Estate
By Jaime Derringer Oct 5th 2009 12:30PMrupert grint, harry potter star, ron weasley

Rupert Grint is no Harry Potter, but he might just be the wizard of real estate. The 21-year-old, who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter flicks has racked up quite an impressive property investment portfolio. According to The Daily Mail Grint owns £9.2 million (over $14 million) worth of propertymortgage-free! Grint's co-star, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), has property worth an estimated £7 million, and co-star Emma Watson (Hermione) has property worth £4 million. It's nice to see younger actors planning and investing wisely in their future. Let's face it -- who knows how long Rupert can ride the Harry Potter gravy train?

So how did he spend his £9.2 million? Grint purchased a 22-acre 18th-century
Hertfordshire manor house for £5.4 million in September. The home features two cottages and six bedroom suites. He can definitely throw some killer parties in this house!

rupert grint home

This home of Grint's, see on 22 acres, has indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Photo: Murray Sanders, Daily Mail/ZUMA Press

rupert grint, home, parents, farmhouse

Grint's mum and dad live in this country farmhouse. Photo: Murray Sanders, Daily Mail/ZUMA Press

Previously, Grint was living with his family (parents, brother and three sisters) in another home in Hertfordshire, which Grint also owns. He purchased the house back in 2006 for £3.35 million. Grint bought another detached home with his father in April 2008 and received a permit for expansion.

Grint isn't the only one in the family in the real estate game. His parents also own a few large properties. In June 2003 they purchased a £975,000 house and in the same year bought a farmhouse nearby for £2 million.

rupert grint home

This Grint home has a lake and a putting green. Photo: Murray Sanders, Daily Mail/ZUMA Press

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