Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Discovery: Jimmy Pickering

Jimmy Pickering is one of my newly discovered Illustrators. He is the author and illustrator of 'Skelly the Skeleton Girl'

and also 'Skelly and Femur'

As well as 'It's Summer', 'It's Spring' (March 03) and 'It's Winter' and 'It's Fall' (September 02)

He has also illustrated 'The Swamps of Sleethe' by Jack Pretlusky (March 09), 'Araminta Spookie' books 1-5 by Angie Sage (August 08 to July 06), 'Santa's Magic Gifts' by Betty Anne Schwartz (October 06), 'I'm Going To Eat You' Matt Mitter (August 06), 'Sloop John B: A Pirates Tale' by Alan Jardine (August 05), 'Halloween Night' by Elizabeth Hatch (August 05), 'My Closet Threw A Party' Robyn Parnell (May 05), 'Thanks & Giving All Year Long' by Marlo Thomas and Friends (November 04), 'Bubble Trouble' by Stephen Krensky (January 04), 'My Imagination Kit' Jeffrey Palmer (December 03), and 'Somethin' Pumpkin' by Scott Allen (August 01).

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