Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MAC Review~ New Products and Holiday Collection

Mineralize Eye Shadow~Cinderfella ($19.50)
This is from their 'Style Black' collection. I really liked the 'Young Punk' shadow as well, but the 'Cinderfella' was more practical for me. The creme color base (which is black) will crease if you wear it all day, so I got the 'Blackground' Paint Pot instead (which won't crease and acts as a primer for whatever shadow you put over it). They have a new black lipstick called 'Black Knight' although it's not for everyday wear and a bit on the expensive side for costume makeup.
Paint Pot~Delft (Above)
Mineralize Eye Shadow~ Young Punk (Above)

Greasepaint Stick ($17.50) is also in the 'Style Black' collection. It's water proof, so its perfect for lining your water line, and smudges well enough to get the smoky effect, but it doesn't smudge like the Eye Kohl does. (TIP: the Eye Kohl tends to smudge down your eyes as the day goes on. If you set it with black eye shadow and/or use a primer before you apply it, it will stay in place all day, and you won't have to touch it up or re-apply)

Paint Pot~Blackground ($16.50)
They finally have a newish black Paint Pot....which they didn't have last spring when I went to get it. I haven't tried it yet, but tomorrow I'll post a picture of it. (I've got a hot date tomorrow XD) Overall though Paint Pot is a great primer to use before any shadow. If you only want to get one universal primer, get the Paint Pot 'Bare Study' (I've been using it till now under all my looks...It keeps everything in place. I was at the Renaissance Faire this summer in 90 degree weather with an INTENSE amount of makeup on, and it didn't smudge or smear ALL DAY! I highly reccomend Paint Pot for anyone who wears makeup. Yeah its on the more expensive side, but I've had mine for over 6 months now and I've barely used any of it, because you only need a thin layer and it's very potent, like all MAC Products)

They have also brought back the 'Sharkskin' Shadestick ($16.50) (which they phased out last spring) due to popular demand.

They have also released their new Holiday Collection which includes a new Color Collection, several new Lip, Eye, and Face Kits, Lip and Eye bags, and Brush Bags. I haven't purchased any of these yet, I'm looking at getting the Lipstick 'Utter Fun'. Most of the Holiday Colors are a bit to pale for my tastes, but my little sis would probably look great in this palette. The first week of November there will be some more New products.

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