Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hotspur Wins MTVU 'Freshman' Vote!

We did it! And it's all thanks to you! The incredible rallying of support by all of our amazing fans, family and friends was truly something to behold. We can not begin to explain how deeply we are moved by your love and support! To reduce your lives to becoming clicking zombies literally around the clock just to help us succeed and further our careers truly validates all of our hard work and suffering.

We are so fired up for the coming months and the next few tours. We have seen a tremendous growth in just this past week let a lone that last few months of people surrounding the band and fans coming to shows. Let's continue to take this band straight to the top. We promise that we will remember every one of you and that there is a special place in Hotspur world for everyone who has ever helped us through these trying times!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We promise we will never turn you into zombie clickers again (at least not for a little while!!)

Here's a little re-cap of the competition:

Day One: Voting polls open with a frenzy of activity. Chino and Hotspur come out sprinting. However, Hotspur is in NYC playing a show and does not have internet access for an entire day. Fans hold it down with little or no encouragement. Chino takes the lead.
Day Two: Hotspur has the internet! Rallies fan support and votes. Dave does not sleep for at least 36 hours. Gap narrows significantly. Chino still in the lead. People suspect cheating.
Day Three: Intense rallying around Hotspur. 100s of people voting around the clock slaving to the click, click, click, click, click, click, click....Hotspur and Chino neck and neck. Hours of voting non-stop produce no change in score. Brutal.
Day Four: Hotspur takes the lead over night. Obviously our fans are completely insane and incredibly dedicated. Minds turn to mush, behinds get sore, fingers stop working, eyes become crosseyed. Yet still they click, click, click, click. At this point everyone I know, scores and scores of fans and random ass family notify that they have been voting literally non-stop for days! Hotspur takes a commanding lead.
Day Five: Hotspur has a huge lead in the final hours of the contest yet people continue to vote out of sheer determination to ensure that this ends in our favor. Victory announced, tears flow, vomiting ensues, sleep deprivation is so bad that people can't even go to sleep (they've forgotten how!). Hotspur plays a private party and then has they're own private party! Sleep...............

What a weird week! We look to the future with hope and optimism. You all have really made us happy and we can't wait to give it back to you! We are making our entire catalog of music downloadable for free for one day as a token of our gratitude. We'll keep you posted as to when that will be.

See you on the road!




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