Monday, September 14, 2009

Tokio Hotel~ Taff Report


Tokio Hotel rocked in Stefan Raab’s stage this weekend and this much was clear, Bill has changed. He seems more feminine and extremely thin. Everyone wonders what happened to Bill. Legs as a thin as a model, a body like Victoria Beckham.

The legs of Bill from Tokio Hotel seem thin, thinner, the thinnest. Even when Tokio Hotel should be promoting their new single, everyone was only speaking about the fragile legs of Bill. If you look at images you can see clearly that the 20-year-old boy obviously has lost weight. Too much, says Alexander Gernandt of Bravo.

Alexander: “He has never been a robust person but it is clear that he has lost weight. Perhaps this is his ideal of beauty, thin like what is fashionable in the actors and models of Hollywood”.

The ideal of beauty, with jeans in a size zero? Perhaps does he just not get fat? After everything the boys struggled with in America.

Alexander: “This cannot be tension, because they had time to work quietly on the album. They are at the point of coming back and they will travel again soon, Bill needs his strength for this, so he will have to gain some weight”.

Bill: “We try to ignore the pressure. It is not something I think about all the time. But it is there, of course”.

Bill tends to go to extremes. His figure is not the only thing that is extreme, but also his new styling. With a lot of makeup and long hair he seems more feminine than ever. But Bill has this style for himself and not for his fans.

Bill: “It is a personal thing. It is not connected to the album. It is not like we say, we have to add white dreadlocks to my hair, so that everyone will write about it. It is only what I want to do. It’s a piece of freedom that I still have, that I can look how I want to look”.

His fans love him for his style. Now we can only all hope he will eat more of his favorite meal, hamburgers and fries. So that he has enough strength for the following tour.

Translation thanks to th_cult on LiveJournal.

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