Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

,Give yourself over to absolute pleasure'

So.....I've been told by about a million people to see this movie, and I finally did, and I think that the movie is freaking amazing! It's definitely not for everyone though, its geared towards a specific audience. I really enjoyed it though...

The basic plot is....well, kind of hard to explain, but the set up is ,A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter'

Director: Jim Sharman

Witers: Richard O'Brien (original musical play & screenplay) Jim Sharman (screenplay)

Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furtur - A Scientist
Susan Sarandon as Janet Weiss - A Heroine
Barry Bostwick as Brad Majors - A Hero
Richard O'Brien as Riff Raff - A Handyman
Patricia Quinn as Magenta - A Domestic
Nell Campbell as Columbia - A Groupie (as Little Nell)
Jonathan Adams as Dr. Everett V. Scott - A Rival Scientist
Peter Hinwood as Rocky Horror - A Creation
Meat Loaf as Eddie - Ex Delivery Boy (as Meatloaf)
Charles Grey as The Criminologist - An Expert

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