Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Perez Hinton Bashes Tokio Hotel's Bill Kauliz



Honestly. Someone needs to tell this person that this look works for no one, including him.

Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of Tokio Hotel, went shopping this weekend at the Dior boutique in Paris.

If you have enough money to shop in there, then you should be dressing a whole lot better!

What's the worst part of his look????

We'd say his hair!

What do U think?"

Ok...so he's bashing Bill but THIS is ok.....


We've found our superhero!

Lady Gaga was rocking a cape in London on Monday morning as she made an in-store appearance at HMV on Oxford Street. She was promoting her new line of headphones, while showing off another killer unique outfit!

We hope all these designers are sending her free clothes, or else she's gonna have one massive clothes bill at the end of the year!!!"

So Im freaking confused......this is my favourite response he got though...ready:

I mean I don't agree at all with what this person is saying...but he/she is right, if it was Lady GaGa in that outfit he'd love it....what a prick. I mean I don't agree with that outfit, but if Bill thinks he looks good than whatever...I'm sure people think I look ridiculous sometimes too but whatever, I'm happy so why should I care!

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