Friday, September 18, 2009

Old Fashion Illustration Projects

So I was just organizing my computer and I found some old fashion illustration projects I thought you might enjoy. They are all from 5/17/09 to 6/12/09

This was my first assignment. We had to make what we thought a 'Fashion Illustration' piece was. I did this. It is Pen & Ink and Watercolor, on watercolor paper
Then what we did was move on to shape drawing. The idea of this was to just draw the shape of every different color. He was trying to get us thinking abstractly and how to use line successfully in a drawing.

We then moved on to beauty heads, which was my favorite part of the class. This is pencil on newsprint paper.
This is an enhanced shape drawing. We were allowed to use thick and thin permanent markers.
Then we began to shade the shape drawings, using line and shading to portray different textures. I like this one, how its not shaded in all the way drawing attention to the face and the jacket.
Then we began to work with markers. I don't particularly like this medium, but this turned out ok. I used cool grey Prismacolor Markers 10%, 30% and 50%.
We then began Editorial pieces, which is more about the gesture and emotion of the peice rather than accurately portraying the fabric or person. I really enjoyed these pieces. They were done on black construction paper and Chalk pastel.

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