Monday, September 7, 2009

My Illamasqua Inspired Makeup!

So today I did an Illamasqua inspired look. Clearly this look isn't for everyday wear, but for special occasions like...Halloween or themed parties. My inspiration was the photograph below. I think that thats an AMAZING example of makeup as art. But anyway...this is what I used.

Ode To My Alter Ego

My alter ego is the person I want to become.
She's darker, bolder, braver.
She's a more interesting version of me.
She doesn't hold back.
She doesn't give a damn.
Sometimes, I let myself become my other I.
When she walks out and takes over,
I fall in love with who I am.

So this is my final look...minus the outfit. I did gold around my lids and royal purple lining the gold and fading out into a light gold shimmer. And then I used fake eyelashes. I wish I had some for the bottem like in the picture, but...I don't (yet). My lips I used dark blue lipstick to line them and then went over it with a dark purple color so it faded into it.

Then I put gold glitter into my hair!

I also put a shimmer lipstick on my cheeks and stuck gold glitter on top of it. Thats what keeps the glitter from just falling off.

This is just the glitter in my sink...lolz I sound like Strify, I think he would approve of this look :P

What I used:

Trublend Liquid Foundation~ Ivory (1)
MAC Prep+Prime Translucent Ivory Powder
Tony&Tina Lipstick~ Shimmer
Gold Glitter (generic brand)
Illamasqua Illuminator~ Slay

Lancome Colour Focus~ Flash
Avon Glimmer Lights Eye Shadow~ Gold Glitz
Shiseido Hydro-Power Eye Shadow~ Violet Visions
MAC Eye Pencil~ Violet
MAC Eye Shadow~ Forgery
MAC Eye Kohl~ Smoulder
Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes~ Brightening Gold
Clini1que High Definition Lashes~ Black
DUO Adhesive (can purchase it at any MAC store)
Illamasqua False Lashes~ #16

Lancome Rouge Attraction~ No Alibi
Wet & Wild Fantasy Makers Lipstick Dark Blue

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