Sunday, September 13, 2009

MTV VMA Fashion

She looks very glamorous...I love it! What a sweet heart! I wish her dress was red though.

Just for my little sister...cuz she loves him :P
I LOVE P!nk's hair! Very sexy!
I have to say....I love Miranda Cosgrove. I totally watch iCarly, like a big nerd. I love the sequins!
I'm somewhat ambiguous on how I feel about Katy Perry...but I love this dress! Its soooo amazing! I'd wear it! I'd wear different shoes though...not sure the really fit with the overall look.

Alice Cullen.... :P the Twilight Cast totally rocked out the VMAs. They played an exclusive ,New Moon' Trailer which comes out November 20th (Which I will see at 12:01am....because I owe my little sis one....she came with to see the newest Harry Potter movie with me at 12:01)
I'm not so sure I like this look that much, but she is absolutely gorgeous, so the outfit doesn't bother me that much.

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