Sunday, September 6, 2009

Illamasqua Fantasy Inspired Makeup...For Tomorrow

So I'm going to the Renaissance Faire again tomorrow...for their FINAL day of the season! It seems like it was soooo short :( I love it there. But anyway I'm going to do a purple version of the image above...from the Illamasqua Fantasy collection. I actually just got my Illamasqua stuff from England so I'll be doing a post about it soon! I'm excited...did some preliminary test runs of lipstick and such. I'm kind of excited! Not quite sure what to do with my hair if anyone has any good ideas Please leave a comment (to do that you have to click on the post title and then just scroll to the end of the post).

From the Illamaaqua blog:

Ode To My Alter Ego

My alter ego is the person I want to become.
She's darker, bolder, braver.
She's a more interesting version of me.
She doesn't hold back.
She doesn't give a damn.
Sometimes, I let myself become my other I.
When she walks out and takes over,
I fall in love with who I am.

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