Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hotspur Onstage Article

Here's what they said:

"Sir Henry Hotspur Percy’s contribution to history was leading an unsuccessful siege against King Henry IV thereby giving rise to the term “hotspur” — meaning a rash and hotheaded man. A mere 600 years later, a band from Rockville, Maryland has taken the name and given it an update. These days Hotspur signifies something less headstrong, more heartstrong. Think soaring power pop that leads a successful siege against moderation. Sweeping pianos, chugging guitar distortion, dancey rhythms and epic choruses all combine to create a radio ready collection of storm and stress, love and loathing. On the single “Chandelier,” front man Joe Mach oozes obsession as he sings, “You’ve made it crystal clear / You are the chandelier / And I am the floor beneath you / So low I cannot reach you.” A verbal craft master, Mach injects the music with a good dose of drama, making each line crackle with emotion. But lest you think Hotspur is a band of boldfaced romantics, they do sell booty shorts through their merch store with the tagline, “Drop it like it’s Hotspur.” Sir Henry would be proud."

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