Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hotspur Message

Just wanted to formally thanks everyone who came out and supported us at Rams Head last night. The venue was great, the sound was great and the CROWD! You all are the reason we work so hard and do this everyday through the good bad and the ugly. Some times you wake up and you wish that you didn't have to get up and do 10 billion things and bust yer butt for pennies. But it's the times like last night that make it all worth while.

Thank you to all the street teamers who did such a great job selling tickets and promoting when we were on the road. Thanks to everyone in my band for hustling and kicking ass day in and day out. Thanks to our management for kicking us in the ass sometimes and making sure we know what the hell we're supposed to be doing everyday. And thanks to all the fans new and old who made last night what it was!

You guys friggin ROCK! See you next time!


Evan (and the boys)

p.s. check out all the sweet videos on facebook. and upload some crap on you tube too!

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