Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hotspur is Buzzworthy

Today's Buzz On is about DC-area band and Warped Tour alum Hotspur, who you might know without actually "knowing" you know them -- Hotspur's music has been featured on Next and The Hills. Buzzworthy intern and University of Oklahoma student Katie Parker saw the band perform at the Knitting Factory here in New York the other night and hung out with the guys after the show. Here's her report...
Maryland natives Hotspur mean business when it comes to the music business. In fact, four of the five guys in the band have music industry or music production degrees. They've learned a lot from their college days and brought the same energy to The Knitting Factory stage with handstands on keyboards and high-energy vocals.
Hotspur, however, insists they should know better, hence the title of their second full-length album, You Should Know Better By Now, out June 23rd.
"The album's title has to do with us being a band for four years and not quitting,” Joe Mach, lead singer and guitar player, said. "We've been in the music scene for awhile, and we should know better by now, but it’s something we’re not going to give up."
The band showcased several tracks from the new album, including their new single “Chandelier” -- a song about keeping a crush on a pedestal and the frustration that comes with it -- and their emotional love ballad, “Heads/Tails,” about a couple's decision to make a move to London or Paris.
Hotspur is currently touring the East Coast until July with special dates at several Hot Topics in Maryland and Virginia.
Source: MTV Buzzworthy

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