Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fashion Illustration....Valentino Inspired

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So this is my first Multilevel Fashion Illustration assignment. I decided to do it on the computer mainly because a. my last computer piece sucked ass (because we were only allowed to use Adobe Illustrator) and b. to show my Computer Fashion Illustration professor that I should be allowed to use Photoshop because I can CLEARLY do much better work using both programs.

I created this piece by scanning in an initial drawing I did in my Multilevel class. (below, the full figure on the left)
Then outlining the figure in Adobe Illustrator. Then I found a dress I liked (below) and then used it as a reference to draw a dress onto the figure. Then I just made up a pair of neutral boots. I then saved all the different layers of outlines, ie the figure outline, the dress in several different for the sleeves, the shoulder straps, the top, and the bottom) and imported them into Adobe Photoshop. I did this so that I could add color under my outlines without messing with any of the layers I made in Illustrator. I then added a face and hair. After this I added the sheer fabric over the skirt. Then I had to import the image back into Illustrator to outline that part.
After that I tried adding different floral backgrounds, but then decided that it would look better in her hair, and on the dress. Then I added in the purse (below). I used the same process to make the purse (outline in Illustrator and color & texture in Photoshop). Then I tried a few different backgrounds in red, but decided to go with the dark green. First I had a smoke background, but liked the foliage backgrounds better. I had three I liked but ended up with the large leaf branch.
Thats the basic outline of my process. This project took me about 2 days, or about 10 hours. What I love about the computer is that you can try so many different things, and just delete them if they don't work :P. You definitely cannot do that in a drawing.

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