Friday, September 11, 2009

BrightestYoungThings: Hotspur Live in DC

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all words and photos: Eric Schreiber

Hotspur opened with a special acoustic set (something to do with a broken electric guitar). I’ve never heard them before, so it’s hard to tell if playing acoustic helped or hurt, but I enjoyed it, and they seemed to be having fun too. Plus, they rocked some awesome shades for part of their set.
If you’ve never heard of 2AM Club before, they hail from the west coast, although they’re recording in NYC at the moment. They’ve been playing in DC quite a bit recently, including a last minute gig at the 9:30 Club on Friday.
2AM Club is most easily described as pop, but their influences come from all over the place. Some songs have vocals that flow in a way reminiscent of hip hop, while others stay true to their rock foundation. Their infectious energy had the whole room moving, including myself. If you feel like dancing on a Monday, be sure to hit DC9, where they’ll be playing again for 10 bucks.
2AM Club - Biggest Fan 2AM Club  028 2AM Club  023 2AM Club  029
2AM Club  030 2AM Club  027
2AM Club  021 2AM Club  020
2AM Club  014 2AM Club  013 Hotspur  005
Hotspur  007 Hotspur  006

I am praying right now that Hotspur will be in Chicago in October...its on thier schedule, but they're not listed on the club's schedule, so I don't know whats up. Ill let everyone know once I find out!

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