Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bill Kaulitz Wears Jaded by Knight!

Via Jaded by Knight website:

Bill Kaulitz in Jaded by Knight

Heres a pic of Tokyo Hotel front man (yes, its a dude) Bill Kaulitz rocken a women”s Jaded jacket. What’s ironic is that I originally sketched out this jacket for the men’s line but decided it fit better as a women’s jacket. Either way it looks pretty sick on him plus he’s probably the biggest rockstar in Eastern Europe so he could wear whatever the fuck he wants.


Wow....can I just say.... I love u Mike! I love that he thinks Bill is amazing :P. And I have to say...Jaded by Knight has a really great fall collection! If I could afford it I'd definitely buy one of their jackets! They have a lot of leather and studs. My favorite piece is the Ghost Stud Jacket...very hot! Go check out their Fall 08 Collection!

Fall 08 Collection

Spring/Summer 09 Collection

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