Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bill Kaulitz Androgynous Fashion

Via Milenio, a major magazine in Mexico,


The teenagers are more familiarized with the androgyny phenomenon, than the adults, their singers, their actors and models have androgens characteristics: Briank Molko, singer and song writer from Placebo, Ville Vallo leader of Finnish band H.I.M., the British actress Tilda Swinton (The Chronicles of Narnia), and niece of Spanish singer Miguel Bosé, Bimba Bosé. David Bowie’s image on the seventies, wasn’t properly classified as androgen it was more; ambiguous.There’s also the British transvestite pop singer, Pete Burns, Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks), Katie Sketch (The Organ), the actress, poet, guitarrist and Tv star Daniela Sea (The L Word) and her workmate on the series, Kate Moennig, and the British-American singer, and song writter Dj Samantha Ronson.

And the most adored and admired androgen by the teenagers is the German Bill Kaulitz, leader of the Tokio Hotel band, who has been classified by thousands of fans as the number one between the musicians with androgens characteristics. The androgyny attracts me “because it’s really intriguing and enigmatic” a rocker fan wrote on the Internet. Some of these fans agree that androgen men and women “look amazing” most if their face and body have delicate features. “Bill Kaulitz type is one of the best examples. He looks gorgeous even without make up on” some teenager wrote on a blog post. “You all should check the Japanese bands, Visual Kei type -a fan writes- just type those two words on the search engine on Google Images and you will see what I am talking about.

Translation thanks to Alhelí B

Soooo....this article is pretty amazing! They not only talk about Bill Kaulitz...but they also mention Kate Moennig (Shane from the L Word) who is one of my all time favorite actresses. I have a little crush on her. Androgynous style is sooo great, but I'm more of a 'fashion punk' myself. I'm not really suited for androgynous style. I LOVE looking like a girl....I think its fun. If it were up to me, all us girls would still be in corsets! How I love to look thin.

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