Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bill Kaulitz and Fashion

Translation by Coolbreezegirl, please credit her when you use this. Here is the link to the original article.

Bill Kaulitz reveal to Starlounge that he’s aiming for a career in fashion design, next to the music. When Tokio Hotel whose new album soon will be released visited Stockholm yesterday, the frontman spoke about his passion for fashion/clothes he design himself.

“I would love to launch my own fashion line. I’ve tried designing and can definitely see myself doing it in bigger scale, the 20 year old says when Starlounge met him and the band at the Sheraton hotel.

“I’ve designed many of my stage outfits myself and I let somebody else sew/tailor/make it for me. Many of the things I like cannot be bought in stores. ”

Bill is picky with his clothes and he would never in his life submit to a stylist.
I can’t even imagine that. I think that would be the worst thing that could happen. I love doing it myself and I always done it myself.”

Since Bill can hardly walk outside the door without getting chased by fans, he doesn’t have many chances to go shopping in town. Instead he buys a lot of his clothes online. He tells me he has no favourite brand, but he was seen in a Dior store when he was in Paris last weekend to promote Humanoid.

It wasn’t exactly a relaxing shopping trip. There were a lot of people everywhere. It’s a shame we don’t have much free time outside work but I made sure to squeeze it into my schedule. paris is a perfect city for shopping.

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