Monday, September 7, 2009

Bill Kauitz Dlisted....

Dlisted has posted a new article about Bill and how he looked when he went shopping at Dior.

When Posh Beckham and RiRi see these pictures of Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel throwing the glitter in Paris, they just need to lock themselves in their room and stay there for eternity. There’s no way they will ever be able to compete with this kind of hardcore tranny mess glamour! Game fucking over. Bill has got this!

I mean, a leather turtleneck, Wite-out tipped nails, one of Steve Nicks’ old scarves, studded suspenders and a weave that Donna Summer probably coughed up in the 70s…. RAV.I.SHING. I just want to pick him up and use his legs to eat an entire bowl of low mein with. And it would be delicious.

Here’s more pictures of Bill making bitches faint at the sight of him in Paris. I also threw in some pictures of Lady CaCa arriving in Bill’s home country of Germany today for comparison. CaCa has a look of shame on her face, because she knows that she will never EVER have it like that.

Wow......harsh. Not too fond of people like this. If you think you're clever because you bash people in your little article...well your not. He doesn't even say why he thinks its aweful....EPIC FAIL! Everyone should take a critique class so they can learn how to explain why they don't like something....instead of just saying 'its bad...cuz I don't like it' yesh, that is SOOOOO helpful. Nice, real nice. I almost didn't even post this because the article is a bunch of ridiculous trash.

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