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Tokio Hotel Best Buy Humanoid Pre-Order CORRECTION!

Okay, there has been something of a mix-up. Best Buy now has the ABSOLUTE 100% correct version of the special, exclusive Humanoid Deluxe Version with the extra CD with 12 German Songs.


If you have ordered either of the other versions, here are the steps you should take.
1. Preorder the correct version. It has product number 9543443
2. Call and cancel your earlier preorder at 1-888-BEST BUY.

To clarify, Best Buy has three versions.
They have a standard version.
They have a deluxe version with 4 bonus songs.
They have the deluxe version with 4 bonus songs AND the German CD. This is the one most of us want.

Tokio Hotel Smartpuck wants to know...

Who do you guys think our Smartpick both signed and unsigned should be for October? Well, sinceSmartpunk is offering a special version of Humanoid that comes with a poster, we think it should be TOKIO HOTEL who is their Signed Smartpick!

Let them know via a Tweet that you think it should be Tokio Hotel?

Tokio Hotel Humanoid Review By Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly's review of Humanoid:

First they got Europe’s tweens squealing, then Tokio Hotel crossed the Atlantic and repeated the feat here, though on a significantly smaller scale. On Humanoid, their second English-language effort, the glammy Germans stick to their strengths, such as they are, piling tons of stadium-ready production on top of the band’s strenuously enunciated yowling and industrial synth and guitar riffs. The album’s title might be more appropriate than they realize: This music doesn’t particularly sound like it was created by human beings, but it’s no doubt close enough for their many fans. C

I'm sure its better than a 'C'....its gonna be a A++++++++!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tokio Hotel Best Buy Humanoid Pre-Order

You can now pre-order Humanoid on! You can get the regular or deluxe (with both English and German versions)

Tokio Hotel 4 Gorgeous Boys in Bed!

click to enlarge!

Hotspur in Chicago

Hotspur will be having a concert at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago on October 3rd. You can get tickets here! Ill be there, will you?

Fashion Illustration Pieces

These are from yesterday 9/28/09. With a live model, I embellished the hair and makeup, in graphite. The only requirements we had was it had to be in black and white mediums.

More photos after break

Hotspur On TV AGAIN

Via the Hotspur Myspace Blog:

So our good friends at Fearless TV in NYC will be airing the song "You Should Know Better By Now" on Friday and Saturday depending on where you live. Not sure? Check it out here:

You can also watch online here:




Tokio Hotel Humanoid iTunes Pre-Order

iTunes Pre-Order of Humanoid is now available! With exclusive bonus songs!

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Watch Jennifer's Body Online in HQ!

Octopus Fashion Illustration

click to enlarge:

So I started this on Friday, and worked on it for quite a while today. I found an octopus tattoo that I thought was really cool, so I put it on her leg and then decided to add the large octopus in the background. I'm really pleased with how this came out. It is all done in Adobe Illustrator.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tokio Hotel NEW HQ Pictures

Tokio Hotel ,Automatic' HQ Pictures

Click to enlarge: they get MUCH bigger *o*

I personally love this picture...I think I'll use the car shot in one of my up coming Fashion Illustration projects.

Tokio Hotel~ Entertainment Weekly 'Noise' Snippet!

The Germans are coming! Kraut-pop juggernaut Tokio Hotel have a new album, Humanoid, due October 6 — and as twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz themselves recently told EW, they never expected the level of success they’ve found internationally (”We came from a small village … It was a lot of happy and lucky moments for us, and we are totally happy that we got the chance to do all this.”)

Listen to an exclusive snippet of the song “NOISE,” from Humanoid, below. and see if makes you feel happy and lucky:

A little background on the track: Producer David Jost tells us: “Bill and Tom had the initial ideas for ‘NOISE.’ They roughly captured their ideas in their home studio in Germany and then sent them over to me and my partners in LA. A few days later Bill stood in front of the mic in our old recording studio in Hamburg. We could see him on a big screen in our LA studio, while we recorded him in real time.”

Adds Bill Kaulitz (pictured): “Two weeks later, Tom and I took a flight to LA, where we all finished the track together. When the song was done Tom was so pumped! Actually, the track almost became our first single.”

What do you think, readers — how does it compare to official first single “Automatic”?

Tokio Hotel Interview~Twins Talk Love, Life and Their Futures

The last piece of freedom

Twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz from the band Tokio Hotel have been among Germany’s most successful musicians for years. During the interview they talk about their missing personal life, their new single and Angela Merkel.

Two and half years have passed since your last record. Did the break do you well?
Bill: We actually didn’t have a holiday, [we] toured through North America and tweaked the album for almost a year. However, we deliberately tried to keep a low profile for a bit over here.

How come?
Bill: In the end I couldn’t see my own mug and hear my own name anymore. I thought “Please people, just write about someone else”. I wanted some peace and quiet and concentrate on making music.

What is actually still left of your personal life?
Bill: Nothing.

Oh, is that really so?
Bill: It’s like that. We don’t have a personal life in that sense. To just go for an ice-cream with the family – that’s not possible. The only moment of the day when we’re on our own is in the car. That’s why we wanted to get our driver’s licences so bad. [To have] Our own car is the last piece of freedom that’s left for us.

That sounds a little sad though, along the lines of “We’re ourselves in the car only”.

Bill: Yes, that’s what it’s [like] though. It only really became clear to us that we’ve given up everything this year while we weren’t on tour but only in the studio. However, despite that we’d always make the same decision again. Both just isn’t possible at the level we’re at now. One has to accept that. One also gets a lot in return. Sometimes I’m standing in the studio, singing and thinking “Awesome, and you even get paid for that”. I’m totally happy about that. I don’t have to do anything I don’t feel like doing.

How do you spend your time off?
Bill: Actually working. We always have to laugh when we read “The machinery of Tokio Hotel”. All of that is bullshit. We’ve got our team, but Tom and I do everything ourselves basically. The people that are our tools in a way were put together by us. However, it’s our band. Tom and I founded Tokio Hotel and I don’t want to leave decisions about the band to anyone else.

The new single is called “Automatic“. What is the song about?
Bill: This word really gets used constantly, thousands of things in life happen automatically. Except for love. That mustn’t be automatic.

Whereas many relationships only run on autopilot as well.
Tom: Yes. I can’t imagine being together with one person for so long. I’ve got an issue with long relationships anyway and I think it’s extremely important that one stays interesting for the other one and to also always find the other person interesting. I couldn’t ever imagine [settling down and] living with one woman.

Really not?
Bill: I could. If I’m in love, I don’t care about anything. Then I’ll pack my bag and move in somewhere else immediately.
Tom: Forget it, Bill. We’ll live together for the rest of our lives.
Bill: Yes, but then we’ll have to build a sliding door in the middle of the apartment. I’ll live with my girlfriend on one side and you’ll live on the other.

So you’re sharing a house?
Bill: Yes. I couldn’t imagine it ever being any other way. We could never separate. Each one of us has got their own bathroom and bedroom but other than that we’re together all day long.

Bill, are you in love at the moment?

Bill: No, even though I very much wish to be. I feel really awkward to always have to give the same answer. However, there isn’t anyone at the moment. I’d really like to be in love. However, it’s probably the last thing that will happen in my life.

Why do you believe that?
Bill: Many people put on an act for me when they meet me. Then they just rattle off words like a script. However, I can’t expect people to seriously get involved with me. Whenever I go anywhere they see Bill Kaulitz. Most of them immediately have dollar signs in their eyes and want to offer something to me, along the lines of “I’m a fashion designer, would you wear my shirt once?”. That’s so disgusting!
Tom: We haven’t made one new friend over the past four years. Firstly, one can’t trust people as quickly anymore, secondly, everything is always so cursory and quick that one mostly stays on the surface.
Bill: It’s very rare that I get to meet normal people. It’s great when I meet someone who lived in the mountains without a TV for ten years and says “Tokio Hotel? Never heard of it”. Then I always think “Yes! Thanks“.

Bill, many girls probably also think that you aren’t interested in them but in guys. Is that annoying?
Bill: Nah, it’s not annoying. That’s already been with me my whole life long anyway. It also wasn’t any different even back in school.
Tom: While girls rarely thought that Bill is gay – he was never short of offers – it was more like the guys thinking he’s gay.
Bill: And many guys felt dissed when I got a woman and they didn’t. Because I’d be just so effeminate. That has always been a big problem.

Would men stand a chance with you?
Bill: Nah, I’m committed to women. I’ve never had anything with guys, I’ve never gathered any experiences with men…

…and you also don’t want to catch up with that?
Bill: Well, so far I haven’t discovered an interest in that direction. *laughs*

By now you’re also very successful in the USA. Are you being perceived differently there than in Germany?
Bill: Yes, abroad the music came first followed by all the other matters. In Germany it was the other way around. We’re a tabloid matter there. Elsewhere people also go on about the singer of Tokio Hotel looking like a faggot, but they listen to our songs first at least.

Are you worried that it might not run as smoothly some day?
Bill: Hmm. No matter what happens, we’ve hung on for a really long time and proved a lot. Many saw us as a One Hit Wonder back in the day and they were wrong. However, I also think there are ups and downs. There have been moments when it went down a bit. It’s possible that “Humanoid” doesn’t work out as a record now but in that case one just makes the next one. I wouldn’t give up so easily.

What are you doing with all that money?

Bill: He who wants to get really rich has to become a football player or racing driver. They’re making real dosh. There’s lots of exaggeration in the music business. Speculations about how much we’re apparently earning are pretty wild. I only get a tiny fraction of the 30 Euros that a concert ticket costs. After all we’ve also got expenses. We’ve just shot a video in South Africa that we’re financing ourselves for example. We’re also paying all of our team. Our expenses are extreme.
Tom: Bill and I haven’t bought a house, no property and no yacht yet. We live in rented accommodation.

Soon there will be the first Bundestag election. Are you interested in politics?
Bill: We’re interested to the usual extent, I’d say. We don’t get to follow it exceedingly; we’re not indifferent toward politics though.

Do you like Angela Merkel?
Bill: I don’t want to influence people too much but yes, I think Angela Merkel is good. So far she’s doing really well. Unlike others she’s also extremely likeable. She comes across like a caring mum.

Translation thanks to th_apex on LiveJournal.

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Harry Potter Resort at Universal Orloando

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Tokio Hotel Rolling Stone Premires ANOTHER New Snippet!

Via Rolling Stone:

In our second exclusive preview clip from Tokio Hotel’s Humanoid (due October 6th), the German pop-rockers turn introspective with the wistful ballad “World Behind My Wall.” As singer Bill Kaulitz — who fronts the band with his twin, Tom — explained when we premiered an excerpt of the more metallic-sounding title track, Tokio Hotel’s second English-language album has “many different parts and melodies.” (Hear the clip after the jump.)

As Rolling Stone also reported, the brothers Kraulitz co-produced much of Humanoid with previous Tokio Hotel producer David Jost, who says Bill and Tom came in with “a very clear” vision of each song’s sound. The lyrics and music for “World Behind My Wall” are at the same time yearning and determined, a combination Jost says was entirely Bill’s intention: “Bill came up with the idea that you need to be ready to get hurt, ready to feel. It’s about dropping all your protective shields to feel something pure and overwhelming — it’s about entering the here and now.”

“Sometimes you have the feeling that there are so many beautiful things out there that you can not see for whatever reason,” Bill says of the track, which showcases Humanoid’s softer side. “It takes courage to break down the walls that keep you away from really living your life.”

Hear the a preview of “World Behind My Wall”:

With just a few weeks left until Humanoid hits stores, Tokio Hotel are also celebrating their third straight year of being nominated for an MTV Europe Music Award, this year for Best Group, and are gearing up for a performance at the November 5th festivities.

Tokio Hotel SFR Interview

Q: Is a new album synonym of stress for you?
Bill: We feel less pressure now because it’s our 4th album, and so we have nothing more to prove. This album is released in many countries at the same time. There are two versions, an English one, a German one. It’s both very exciting and stressful for us because it’s the first time. But we try to relax and focus on our first goal, which is to make good music and that people keep enjoying what we’re doing.

Q: The desire of a musical change?
Bill: For this album, we wanted to produce something different and evolve musically. We performed the same songs for one year and it’s true that even we were bored to hear and interpret them. We had to move on. We wanted a different sound from the eternal guitar-bass-drums. So we tried lots of different things. But what’s really new in this album is that Tom and I co-produced it.
Tom: We went to the studio and we tried new things, original sounds for us. There has not been some precise influences. We wanted to make a new album and it’s true that the sound is different. But it still is TH.

Q: Was this album inspired by science fiction?
Bill: To be honest, we’re not science fiction fans. We simply thought that the word “humanoid” fitted us and that it described quite well our lives and what we are. So, we had chosen this title for the album before we even started to write the songs.

Bill: Success is not something you get used to. Sure we’re really happy to see our fans waiting for us outside. We worked hard and for quite a long time on this album. And when we arrived, two days ago, we were delighted to see that our fans were there in front of the hotel. (not true apparently, according to Fifi)

Mina (TH fan): I think I would need to write a book to describe all I like about them. They are real I think they are… That’s a band that wasn’t casted, they knew each others for a long time as kids and who realized a dream together without expecting it. They’re real, the fact that they’re my age, what they sing and say fits with a certain period of my life… They evolved like I did in fact. So after a while, it’s sentimental, we get attached, and it’s a little like our favorite (ndlt: chouchou in French, hard to translate).

Bill: Fans are really important for us in every country. They always have something special. But it’s true that apart from Germany, we played most of our shows in France.
Tom: French fans always welcome us greatly.

Bill: They are here right when we arrive and it’s true that they have always supported us.

Translation thanks to th_cult on LiveJournal.

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Hotspur & Boys Like Girls Love Boobs

Via Hotspur's Myspace Blog:

Your boobs, your sister's boobs, your mom's boobs, even grandmas boobs! So in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we're playing a special all-ages event at the Hard Rock Cafe in DC with Boys Like Girls on Oct 11! Tickets are on sale now! See press release below:

In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hard Rock Cafe Washington, DC will rock out for the fight against breast cancer. On October 11, Hard Rock CafĂ© Washington, DC will host an intimate acoustic evening with Boys Like Girls, with special guest Hotspur & Margot McDonald, with proceeds benefiting City of Hope. This stop is part of Hard Rock International’s month-long, PINKTOBER™ breast cancer awareness campaign.

City of Hope’s dedicated health care and research staff are committed to patients and their families to live longer and better lives. Their pioneering science already has led to therapies such as Herceptin which targets the most aggressive breast cancers without affecting normal cells. City of Hope’s scientific team engaged in trials that transformed treatment from radical mastectomy to breast conservation, and advanced the adoption of chemotherapy and hormonal therapy for patients.

100% of ticket proceeds will be donated to City of Hope

All Ages Welcome!
Doors 8:00 PM
General Admission - $15.00
VIP Ticket Package - $100.00 (To include a pair of tickets, signed CD, and Meet & Greet with Boys Like Girls)

For tickets, please go to:

Tokio Hotel Bill's New Hair?

According to the Tokio Hotel Danish Fanclub they can officially confirm that Bill Kaulitz has a new hair style. Apparently he has chopped off the dreads and now has a fauxhawk....We'll have to wait till next week when Tokio Hotel is in Italy to confirm this, as there haven't been any pictures Bill since the haircut. I'm sure he still looks amazing...that boy can pull off any look.

FUSE Interview with Rupert Grint

and let me just say....AWE! What a gorgeous man! I love him...hes such a cutie!

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Fashion Illustration....Valentino Inspired

click to enlarge!

So this is my first Multilevel Fashion Illustration assignment. I decided to do it on the computer mainly because a. my last computer piece sucked ass (because we were only allowed to use Adobe Illustrator) and b. to show my Computer Fashion Illustration professor that I should be allowed to use Photoshop because I can CLEARLY do much better work using both programs.

I created this piece by scanning in an initial drawing I did in my Multilevel class. (below, the full figure on the left)
Then outlining the figure in Adobe Illustrator. Then I found a dress I liked (below) and then used it as a reference to draw a dress onto the figure. Then I just made up a pair of neutral boots. I then saved all the different layers of outlines, ie the figure outline, the dress in several different for the sleeves, the shoulder straps, the top, and the bottom) and imported them into Adobe Photoshop. I did this so that I could add color under my outlines without messing with any of the layers I made in Illustrator. I then added a face and hair. After this I added the sheer fabric over the skirt. Then I had to import the image back into Illustrator to outline that part.
After that I tried adding different floral backgrounds, but then decided that it would look better in her hair, and on the dress. Then I added in the purse (below). I used the same process to make the purse (outline in Illustrator and color & texture in Photoshop). Then I tried a few different backgrounds in red, but decided to go with the dark green. First I had a smoke background, but liked the foliage backgrounds better. I had three I liked but ended up with the large leaf branch.
Thats the basic outline of my process. This project took me about 2 days, or about 10 hours. What I love about the computer is that you can try so many different things, and just delete them if they don't work :P. You definitely cannot do that in a drawing.

Hotspur Message

Just wanted to formally thanks everyone who came out and supported us at Rams Head last night. The venue was great, the sound was great and the CROWD! You all are the reason we work so hard and do this everyday through the good bad and the ugly. Some times you wake up and you wish that you didn't have to get up and do 10 billion things and bust yer butt for pennies. But it's the times like last night that make it all worth while.

Thank you to all the street teamers who did such a great job selling tickets and promoting when we were on the road. Thanks to everyone in my band for hustling and kicking ass day in and day out. Thanks to our management for kicking us in the ass sometimes and making sure we know what the hell we're supposed to be doing everyday. And thanks to all the fans new and old who made last night what it was!

You guys friggin ROCK! See you next time!


Evan (and the boys)

p.s. check out all the sweet videos on facebook. and upload some crap on you tube too!

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Illamasqua~How To

Via the Illamasqua Blog:

Ask An Artist: Porcelain Doll

The Porcelain Doll look is an iconic image now. We have had several questions as to how to recreate this look at home and so I asked Jon from Selfridges Trafford for his expert advice...

Jon: Start by applying Satin Primer all over the skin with the Foundation Brush to get a smooth, even and glowing finish. Then apply Cream Foundation in 100 or 110, depending on your skin tone and how porcelain you want to go! I find that using the Highlighter Brush to buff this product in gives the most flawless finish. Stipple the foundation over the brows to fade them out to fully replicate this look - the focus is on the lashes, not the brows. [nb: Alex Box likes to use soap and a toothbrush to press the eye shadow hairs against the skin to help them merge away!]

For the cheeks, apply Powder Blusher in 'Chased' under the cheekbones to faintly sculpt and work it up towards the temples, blending in to the hairline.

For the eyes, apply Powder Eye Shadow in 'Vision' all over the lid, then take the Powder Eye Shadow in 'Forgiveness' and apply all over the mobile lid and along the lower lash line. Apply Powder Eye Shadow in 'Wicked' to the inner and outer corners of the eye and along the lower lash line. Line the inner rims with Medium Pencil in 'Hex' for a natural colour that will make the whites of the eyes 'pop' - essential when using red and purple toned eye colours that can make eyes look a little bloodshot.

Take the False Eye Lashes '10' and apply several sets along the lower lash line for added impact. Heavily coat the top lashes with Volume Mascara in 'Harness'.

For the lips, line with Medium Pencil in 'Severe' and apply Sheer Lipgloss in 'Brilliant' for a glossy finish.

To book a lesson with Jon, call the Selfridges Trafford counter on 0161 629 1187

If you love makeup you should definitely follow this blog!