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Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger Article~ Nokia Concert

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger has published a new article about Tokio Hotel’s concert in their city. They give a good description of the fans’ emotions in line and after they got into the venue. Although the concert was short, everyone seemed pleased.

State of emergency at the southstation: Tokio Hotel is giving their first and
only concert since 2 years in germany in Köln and play less than half an hour.
The mostly female fans are in good spirits though.

Jana, Mimi, Lucy and Alisha are the lucky ones today,
traveling from Dusseldorf, Lübeck, Kiel and Bochum, the 14-23 year olds are the first ones in line. and that since 7 in the morning.
“we just spend the day eating, waiting and sweating”, Lucy says.
but we just had to be here. what do they expect of the night?
“To Rock out!”
and that Tokio Hotel rocks the hal.
in front of the 02tent a long line has formed.
and the up to 90% females with their black dyed hair, an andogynes outfit and lightly comiclike habitus, doesn’t make it hard to figure out who are fans of the band.

The reason for the noise : the internationally succesful band Tokio Hotel, will give a concert in germany,for the first time in 2 years.
The exclusive part: there were only 1400 tickets, that could only be won
at Nokia, and because of that, a lot of fans ended up empty handed.
They didn’t give up hope, to see Bill Kaulitz and Co onstage that night.

next to the hall around 250 fans ended up at the sportground next to the hall.
“sit and stay calm”, the securities kept saying.
because there are still chances to get into the place.
a lot of the freetickets had not been picked up.
“”ofcourse we will stay here”, says 15 year old Arina from Dorsten, who has been sitting here since early in the morning.
and what if you don’t get in?
“than ofcourse we will be very very sad. but we can hear it from the outside”.
Sandy and Janine from Leipzig and Berlin agree,and they didnt even travel the longest.
from spain, sweden or england, many of the people there were happy about the cheap flights.

emotional fans

One group after the other is being let in.
“Don’t run”, the annoyed securities have to keep yelling at the girls.
once inside the hall, a lot of them burst into tears, jump with joy or fall into eachothers arms.
Marie from paris emotionally kissses her ticket.
“I can’t believe it”, is the only thing she can say.
in a few minutes the front rows are crowded and the first people have to be carried out.
it is warm in the hall, the concertstart is lagged already, and the instruction of the securities are not really charming.

The question if all this fuss is really worth it, is answered for the fans in the first minute of the 24 minute, six song concert.
Tokio Hotel convincingly create an intimate and warm atmosphere
from the first song ” übers ende der welt”, in their acoustic set.
and that is not easy to do in the plastic charme of the 02 arena.
Bill Kaulitz, who is wearing black dreads instead of his porcupine hairdo, causes the audience to freak out with small gestures.
just his arm raised into the air, a short walk on the edge of the stage, or pointing at the crowd, is enough to get them moving.

The almost 20 year old looks natural, and his honest happiness about this concert is obvious.( this one was a bit hard to translate so not 100% right)
“I am curious to see how text sure you are”, he yells.
and that could only be meant retorically, wenn du lachst/lachst du nicht/ wenn du weinst/ weinst du nicht/
wenn du fühlst/ fühlst du nichts/ weil du ohne liebe bist,
the choir sings alltogether and a sea of cellphones and cameras is being held up.
the online platform Youtube will be full of little videosnippets of these unforgetable minutes today.
to let the people who were not there, join in.
but for those, Tokio Hotel will soon be on another Stadium Tour, and then there will atleast be concerts that will last longer then a
stretched out “zugabe”.

The album Humanoid will be out on october 2nd, and will be linked with the single Automatisch.

Translation thanks to th_cult on LiveJournal.

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