Monday, August 31, 2009 Article~ Bill

Today the most famous twins of Germany Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel celebrate their 20th birthday!

In only four years they climbed from a Magdeburg school band to the worldwide most successful German rock group, selling more than six million CDs, playing sold out tours around the world.

BILD asked Bill Kaulitz for an intimate birthday interview. The rock star speaks

His reflection
“In the morning I do not look in the mirror and say: Wow, you are ‘a sexy guy!’. I have a normal relation to my face and my body. I feel fine.”

His slender figure
“I live almost only on junk food and order myself one pizza after another. I simply do not get fat. I hate to disappoint you, but I don’t make myself vomit to remain so thin.”

His fortune
“We earn good money, however, are no multi-millionnaires, as many think. We turn down a lot of money making opportunities. Ninety percent of the advertising contracts which were offered to us, I turned down because I found either the brands or the products lousy. I would like to promote only things which I myself think are good.”

His luxuries
“I spend a lot of money on vacation, it’s actually completely over the top. But because I take so little vacation, I can really let go and do it properly.”

His status symbols
“For my graduation I bought myself a Rolex, although watches do not interest me at all. I simply found it amusing to have a Rolex at 18. Actually, absolutely goofy.”

His sex life
“I have no girlfriend and sex without love means nothing for me. That’s something my brother should waste his time on. Some day he will notice that all this screwing around brings him nothing.”

His preferences
“I love nice hands. I always look first at the hands. And eyes are very important. The colour of hair completely makes no difference to me.”

His loneliness
“If I am alone after a concert in my hotel room, I sometimes do not know what to do with myself. Then everything suddenly seems very quiet.”

His bed companions
“My four dogs sleep with me in my bed. I could never live without them. The closer they are to me, the better. I can advise only to everybody: Take all your dogs to bed with you!”

His feelings
“I must admit, there are films which make me cry, for example, ‘The Notebook’. Now many probably think: Hah, we knew it, that queen cries watching television.”

His mistakes
“I believe, I can be exhausting. Sometimes I am quite crass in what I say. Then I think afterwards, I shouldn’t have done that.”

His career end
“After my vocal chord operation last year I felt like chucking everything. I thought: Oh God, I never want to show my face on camera again. But for me there is only music. If I had to get an education now, I would not know which direction to go in.”

His fears
“In general I have fear that something will happen to a person who is close to me. Even if something happened to one of my dogs, I could not take it.”

His daily routine
“I am totally a night owl. During the album production I was mostly up until six o’clock in the morning in the recording studio, and then had to only wake up in the afternoon. Most of what I see of the world is airports, hotels and our appearances.”

His everyday life
“I have not shopped for years, I cannot remember the last time I was in a supermarket. I don’t even know anymore what the cost of butter is. You can’t call this a normal life.”

His birthday
“Tom and I want to celebrate privately with friends and family. At night, we want to rent a roller coaster. We have not ridden since forever on a roller coaster. We love dat shit.”

P.S. The new “Tokio Hotel” single appears “Automatisch” on the 18th of September.

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