Monday, July 27, 2009

Tarot Cards

So at the Bristol Renaissance Faire I got a deck of tarot cards. I love all things extraordinary and tarot falls into that category.  I got an amazing deck by the artist Paulina Cassidy.  When I saw this deck I just thought it was amazing.  The artwork was so beautiful that I just had to get it.  I had been wanting a tarot deck for some time, but none of them ever seemed right till this one. I'm extremely pleased with it and I'm currently working on memorizing the rest of the meanings of the cards. I've only gotten about half way through so far....since I'm usually only able to work on it when I'm off of school. Here are some of my favorite cards from the deck.

You can see more of Paulina Cassidy's work at her website. She does prints, books, cards, tarot decks, and original art.

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