Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Book~ 'When Royals Wore Ruffles'

So at work this morning I found the funniest alphabet book ever! Its called ,When Royals Wore Ruffles: a funny and fashionable alphabet!' and it is like it says, a fashion themed alphabet book! It has pages like 'C is for couture' and 'V is for vanity'. This book is perfect for the fashion inclined kindergartner. It not only lists very amusing fashion terms, but it also explains what the terms mean and why they're important in fashion. For example one of the pages is: 'G is for go-go boots! The 1960s~a fashion revolution! The MOD look invaded America on a British model named Twiggy, who was an icon of the Mod generation and wore a minishirt, fishnet tights, white lipstick and shiny white go-go boots.  Overnight everyone was going mod: kids, moms, even the president's wife! People went berserk for the Beatles and learned to dance the twist." This is the cutest book and I'm going to pick one up the first chance I get!

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