Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Makeup Today!

So I did this look to match my little ice cream shirt, which you can kinda see in the last picture. Its got little blue, yellow, and pink ice cream cones on it! 

For this look I used:

MAC Paint Pot~ Bare Study
L'OREAL Hip~ Flamboyant (the yellow pigment)
L'OREAL Hip~ Brazen (the pink pigment)
MAC Eye Shadow~ Clarity
MAC Eye Shadow~ Forgery
MAC Fluidline~ Blacktrack
MAC Eye Kohl~ Smolder
Clinique Mascara~ High Definition Lashes

Cover Girl Trublend 405
Cover Girl Truconceal 1
Clinique Soft Pressed Blusher~ New Clover

Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick~ Rose Cashmere
Clinique Lip Gloss~ Shimmer

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